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Veritas - Direction



This Crystal Healing Painting was created on a 12’’ by 16’’ natural birch wood canvas. At her high centre I have placed a family of large Brazilian Quartz Crystal Points with one being the largest. The inspiration here is like some of my other artworks, to find peace in letting go of what no longer serves us. But this piece in particular focuses its energy on finding direction, and blocking-out out its side vision to help us focus on the goal ahead of us. This world can be so distracting. It can be hard to focus constantly on what our ultimate goals are. I can see clearly now, as the path in front of me is in clear vision and the past is only here to help guide me to my purpose. 


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No longer available
  • Rectangle

    No Frame

    Birch Wood

    Size: 12” X 16”

    Weight: 700 grams

    Colors: Lux Gold, midnight black, angel whites. 


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