Creativity has 

no limits.

Through my creative journey I've realized that creativity has no limits and con not be tamed. And so my love for incorporating crystals into all my creations continues to grow. I have created 2 new pages on my website to share my ever growing passions of creativity. My sacred space page is a place where I can now share some of my spiritual home decor items. Here you will find crystal infused home decor such as amethyst coaster sets, rose quartz serving trays, crystal infused trinket trays as well as crystal moon charging plates, 

incense dishes and more. I am continuing to add new items as I create them.


I have also dived into a very creative and vast world of Sculpting. I have created a separate page for this called My Crystal Goddess.  This is a place where I can share my love of all things fantasy. I hand make different crystal dolls such as Witches, Fairies, Goddesses, Angels, Mermaids and more. Creating these dolls brings me an abundance of peace. And so, I feel blessed to be able to send these creations out into the world, bringing the same feelings of peace to others.  

I am forever grateful to Instagram for allowing me to share my artworks. My two main accounts are here.



Art with a higher purpose. 

Hi I'm Gigi. I am an artist in many forms, and a crystal collector. Crystal collecting has run in our family for generations.


Growing up I’ve always had a passion for interior design, and an appreciation for the beauty of Mother Nature. I began to create a way to combine our living spaces with powerful positive energies and disperse these energies back out into the world, in hopes of spreading joy and connection through my creations.

Crystals hold beautiful energy that we can use to serve us. Some of natures little medicines. They can help balance our lives, improve energies or help with healing, motivation and creativeness. They can sooth depression help with anxiety and overall health. When powered by our energies or the energy of the sun and moon, crystals retain and release their powers back into the earth, as well as in our homes and in our lives.


All my art works are made with non toxic bpa free resin and real natural crystals, stones, gems and minerals.

The paints I use are infused with rosewater for extra cleansing purposes. Each painting is purified with sage and essential oils to help activate your Chakras.




IT was never about me.

As I have come into my spiritual awakening I have realized that there is no greater gift than the ability to pass on my knowledge and experience to the collective. And so, a very important part of my life is teaching my artworks. Knowing very well the abundance of love and fulfillment they bring. I offer a beginners Guide to Crystal Art Therapy. As well as a crystal Goddess Sculpting e-course.