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Scorpio Crystal Zodiac Goddess


This limited edition Scorpio Goddess sit very tall at 5 inches. She has long shimmery strawberry golden hair. She wears a golden scorpio symbol along with two black Swarovski crystals on her heart chakra. She wears a highly detailed scorpion head piece that wraps around her front and has 2 red Swarovski crystal eyes. She holds a powerful smokey quartz crystal. 


Smoky Quartz brings Scorpios the cleansing power of smoke to remove negative energy. It helps them to stop bottling up their emotions, brings the truth into the light, and helps them release what is holding them back.


The Smokey Quartz point crystal is included with all its little rainbows inside and can be removed if you wish.


Hand made with love.

Scorpio Crystal Zodiac Goddess

No longer available
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