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Purple Crystal Star Plant Guardian 


This sweet little yellow star has Amethyst crystal eyes and holds 5 sparkling aura Swarovski crystals at the tips.


You can place your Crystal Flying Star in your planters to to keep them company or to help them thrive. 


Amethyst for plant purity.


Crystals for plants can be your miracle grow when it comes to raising vibrations and boosting the vibrancy of your garden. Crystals are born from the earth; they have been here for thousands of years and they are true holistic healers. It’s not just humans who benefit from aura cleansing and the great balancing act, the natural world loves it too.


Star size is 2.5’’ x 2.5’’

Stick size is 5.5 inches. 


Hand made with love. 


Purple Crystal Star Plant Guardian

No longer available
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