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Morpheus - Tranquility 


Set on a luxurious 36” by 48” inch birch wood canvas this crystal art painting was Inspired by the Goddess of Dreams, Morpheus. A vivid dream like piece that can truly take you away to another place. Staring into her depths of Sapphire and Egyptian blues, lit up by soft rose pinks and metallic rich gold lightening bolts truly takes you to a place of peace and tranquility. In the centre of the geode mirrored glass island formation you will find a family of seven Brazilian Quartz Crystals that hold energies of purification.


This crystal art experience embraces feminine energies, inspiring strength, compassion, tenderness and peaceful vibrations. 


This painting is one if a kind and hand made with all if my love.


*Price includes shipping within USA & Canada.

Morpheus - Tranquility

No longer available
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