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Kali Spirit Quartz Goddess


Inspired by the Goddess Kali, a chief of a group of ten Tantric Goddesses and a destroyer of evil in order to protect the innocent. This enchanting Goddess has dark skin and sits just under 4 inches tall. She has long flowing purple hair with forest crown and bronze deer antler scull. She wears three sparkling mystic Swarovski crystals o her heart chakra. In her lap of sparkling silver leaves and enchanting flora she holds a Spirit Quartz Crystal. 


The Spirit Quartz is a stone that can give you purification, protection, and spiritual evolution. It also has the ability to connect you to the spirit realm. It can uplift your soul and radiate strong vibrations and energies in all directions. It's also a stone that will bring about your spiritual evolution.


This Kali Spirit Quartz Goddess is one of a kind and hand made with all my love. 


* May also be used as a ring holder ( rings not included ) 

Kali Spirit Quartz Goddess

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