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Jaada - Protection & Strength


Featuring luxurious art resin and precious Jasper Crystals, Jaada was created with the intention of keeping your space balanced and protected against any negative energies. Jasper stones channelize energy to offer stability, and an optimistic attitude to be more focused and determined to help achieve your goals. A stone of physical strength and energy, Jasper stimulates gently and steadily, enhancing stamina and endurance, and increasing the amount of life force, in one's aura. She also works wonders to bring peace and harmony in relationships and is a master healer when it comes to health. 


Ideal for:

-People who work from home.

-People who are working to motivate others.

-People who need to deflect negative thoughts.

-People who need help to focus.

-People who have sore joints or muscles. 

-People who need physical energy.



No longer available
  • Rectangle

    Gold Wooden Frame

    Wood Thickeness Fine 

    Size: 19.5’’ X 27.5’’ X 0.5’’

    Weight: 2.5 kg 

    Colors: Green, Gold, Black. 

    SCU - 028

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