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Hesperides - Enlightenment 


Sharing with you today a new crystal art piece Hesperides. Set on a 12 by 16 inch birchwood canvas. 


The inspiring emerald greens and lucid golds collide gracefully around a highly saturated and sparkling amethyst crystal cluster. 


This piece was created with a purpose. Her purpose is to bring enlightenment and encourage the journey of soul evolution.


The energy of this incredible amethyst crystal helps facilitate the basic opening and aligning of the chakras that encourage us to continue along the path of enlightenment. 

Amethyst has the ability to clear away delusion, denial, and any ego facilitating devices colouring one's perceptions. While soothing the conscious mind and enhancing creativity and passion.


Now Available.


Please contact me should you wish to purchase this crystal healing painting. 



No longer available
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