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Flaunta - Solar Plexus 


This one of a kind crystal art painting holds intense frequencies of power and trust in our own unique Devine energies. Her shimmering turquoise colours clash powerfully into deep sparkling galaxy blacks representing the constant battle between our power and our softer selves. The dreamlike flow is divided by jagged metallic gold mirrored glass allowing us to see beyond what we know to be truth and change the direction of our perceptions. The balance is brought together by three Brazilian crystal quartz points enhancing focus for energy that is invigorating, re-balancing, and protective. Inspired by the Goddess Flaunta this crystal healing painting builds up high frequencies of self confidence by balancing and tuning into our solar plexus chakra.


Size: 16 by 16 inches.

Suggested space: Dressing room, living room, office, meditation room. 


Flaunta - Solar Plexus

No longer available
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