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Enchanted Amethyst Owl Forest Goddess

This unique Goddess sits very tall at 4 inches. She has shimmering white pearl hair with a vibrant flower crown. She wears a magical color changing crystal on her heart chakra and has Forest tribal white markings on her arms. In her lap of tri toned purple leaves and flowers she holds a mythical amethyst crystal owl whispering messages from the higher realm that guide you through the journeys of life. 🦉 This purple Crown Chakra stone opens your mind and intuition to the teaching of high beings. It amplifies your results in channeling, psychic reading, meditation, and Reiki. Amethyst is meant for those ready to move beyond a material mindset to experience their soul's full potential. 

*The Amethyst Floating Flower Coaster that she is sitting on in the photos is sold separately on the ‘crystal coasters’

Hand made with all of my love.

Enchanted Amethyst Owl Forest Goddess

No longer available
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