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Dragon Scale Fairy Elf and Sleeping Yellow Dragon


This incredibly detailed Fairy Elf sits just under 4 inches tall. She has long sparkling golden bronze hair with yellow leaf flower crown. She has a set of incredible colour changing wings with crystal details that span out just over 6 inches. She wears a sparkling Swarovski crystal on her heart chakra. In her loving arms she holds a very unique vein agate dragon scale crystal.


Dragon Vein Agate is a very special stone that looks like it's been taken from a magical and fantastic tale. ... Emotionally, this stone prevents the owner from holding back their true emotions and wishes. That makes this the stone of the dreamers and go-getters of the world.


By her side sleeps her little yellow dragon. With sparkling gold scales and green Swarovski crystals.


Hand made with all of my love. 


Dragon Scale Fairy Elf and Sleeping Yellow Dragon

No longer available
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