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Inspired by Ceridwen, the goddess of change, rebirth and transformation. Blessed with the gift of poetic wisdom, inspiration, and prophecy. 

This crystal art painting measures 18 by 24 inches set on a luxurious birch wood canvas. 

Stable islands of reflective mirrored glass help to guide the white lights as they rise upwards revealing themselves, surrounded by sparkling gold bursts that amplify the unveiling and escape out of the deepest black veiled shadows. 

At the very centre we find a family of Brazilian Quartz crystals, the masters of all crystals. These stones purify, enhance spiritual growth, and offer protection amongst many other beneficial properties. 

Ceridwen is a powerful piece the word sovereign came up a lot whilst creating and as most of my artworks are inspired by femininity this particular piece held a lot dominance with very masculin energy.


No longer available
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