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Black Onyx Crystal Cat Witch 


This very magical witch sits 5.5 inches tall. She has sparkling gold hair and wears a mulberry coloured witch hat with a black four-leaf clover embellishment. She wears another four-leaf clover on her leg detailed in sparkling Swarovski crystals and two more on her heart chakra. In her loving arms she holds her Black Ones Crystal Cat. 


Black onyx crystals can be used for grounding, protection, and self-control, and as a shield against negative energy. It also enhances discipline, allowing more ease in following through on goals and completing tasks.


*pumpkins are sold seperatly and can be found on the mystical decor page


This Black Onyx Crystal Cat Witch is one of a kind and hand made with all my love. 


Black Onyx Crystal Cat Witch

No longer available
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