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This crystal art painting is set on a luxurious 24 by 24 inch birchwood canvas. Her soft peaceful blue tones are structured by illuminating golden bolts and dissolving pink hues. At the centre sits a large glistening Apophyllite Crystal. 


Apophyllite is a crystal that awakens the

mind to the beauty and magic of this

world; it shows us the value in restoring our

sense of wonder and allowing yourself to marvel

at the simplest of things. Temporarily suspending

our beliefs, perceptions, even our rationality,

creates a clean slate. In this freed state, the most

fantastic of new ideas and perceptions can find





Inspired by the Goddess Ananke, mother of fates. Goddess of inevitability. Emerging from the chaos. 

In Orphic mythology, Ananke was the mother of Andrasteia. She was the goddess who distributed rewards and punishments. In this cosmology, Ananke and Chronos worked together to crush the primordial egg at the centre of the universe. It split to create the other primordial beings, such as Gaia and Oceanus, bringing structure to the universe.


"the kingdom of heaven is spread out over the earth, and men do not see it"



No longer available
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