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Adelina Fairy Goddess of Hope


This magical fairy Goddess sits 3 inches tall. She has long iris purple hair with a sparkling crystal crown. In the back of her hair she has a long braided bun with a beautiful amethyst crystal. On her heart chakra she wears 3 Swarovski crystals. She has a beautiful set of hand made Aurora Borealis coloured wings that expand 7 inches wide.  They are bluish pink colour and then move them to one side and they look pale green with tinges of blue and purple.


In her lap of purple leaves she holds the most beautiful Druzy Rose Agate Crystal. With sparkling crystals inside each crevasse. 

This pink druzy agate heart is known to aid one in overcoming fears and stabilizing the aura. It is also quite calming and soothing; it enhances positive energy, courage, and promotes strength.


The crystal heart can be removed if you wish.


The crystal flower coaster which she sits upon in the photos can be found on the Crystal Goddess Coaster page.


Hand made with all my love.

Adelina Fairy Goddess of Hope

No longer available
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