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Winter Beauty Bell Goddess and Lucky Cardinal 


Introducing our enchanting, hand-crafted "Winter Beauty’’ goddess that sits 4 inches tall. Inspired by the classic snowy scenes from "Beauty and the Beast," our Belle is a true embodiment of enchantment. She's wrapped in a deep rose-colored winter coat, complete with a sparkling Swarovski crystal adorning the collar, just like a sprinkle of winter magic.


Belle cradles a lucky charm that's straight from the heart of the enchanted castle forests, a vibrant red cardinal. It's not just any charm; it's your own bit of magic and good fortune. And guess what? You can carry this charm with you wherever you go, ensuring that good luck is always by your side.


Out in the snow Belle is accompanied by her loyal companion, the endearing footstool named Sultan. Together, they add a touch of fairy-tale magic to your collection.


Make our "Winter Beauty" a cherished addition to your crystal goddess collection. "Be our guest," and bring this whimsical tale to life in your world.


This sculpture is a one of a kind original artwork, hand made with all my love.

Winter Beauty Bell Goddess and Lucky Cardinal

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