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Sagittarius Goblet & Scroll Crystal Goddess


This beautiful Sagittarius Goddess sits 4 inches tall. She has deep wine red hair and wears a braided crown of forest leaves. She has red and purple Swarovski crystals on her skin and holds a silver Sagittarius symbol on her heart chakra. In her loving arms she keeps an enchanted goblet filled with amethyst crystals. On her lap she keeps a wooded platter which holds a scroll of wisdom. 




The Goblet symbolizes the zest for life and optimism that sagittarius’s exude as they are always up for a great time and are always ready for new adventures. The scroll symbolizes the wisdom that Sagittarius have and all the knowledge they carry with them for when they need it. The forest leaves symbolize the deep connection that Sagittarius have with nature, they are grateful souls and well balanced. The amethyst crystals gives Sagittarius the connection to their intuition and higher consciousness that they need to help them gain insight into the world they so long to understand. 


*The scroll is removable and you may wish to write your own personalized message on it. 


This Sagittarius Goddess is one of her kind and hand made with all of my love.

Sagittarius Goblet & Scroll Crystal Goddess

No longer available
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