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The experience I wanted to bring into this piece was inspired by the expressions of fall. To me, fall carries an energy of crisp new beginnings and warmth. I wanted to create an experience that embodied that feeling. 


Vibrant and energetic Persian and ginger orange colours collide into sparkling sepia and saddle browns divided by illuminating metallic golds. These colours combined bring to the mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. 


Stimulated and purified by the energy of the three Brazilian crystal Quartz points set in the high centre. These extraordinary stones work by absorbing, storing, and releasing energy and then regulating it.

Bringing a feeling of blissful balance to your space.


Size 24 by 24 inches.


This crystal healing painting has been claimed. Should you desire a customized artwork of your own, I am currently reopening for commissions.


No longer available
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