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Libra Zodiac Goddess Limited Edition 


This sparkling Libra Goddess sits very tall at 4 inches. She has long sparkling magenta hair and wears a flower leaf crown. She wears a gold star sign pendant and a gold Libra engraved on her left leg. Her Libra scales hold 2 druzy Agate crystals. 

Agate, the Talismanic Stone of Libra.

These Agate crystals will help balance and protect Libras keeping them grounded. In her lap of sparkling silver and purple leaves she also holds a Amethyst crystal cloud. Amethyst is a crystal that every Libra should work with. This stone is calming and soothing, boosting reflective energy for the Libra.


All crystals included with this beautiful Libra Goddess can be removed if you wish to replace them with others. 


Hand made with all my love.

Libra Zodiac Goddess Limited Edition

No longer available
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