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Featuring clear Quartz crystals, crushed Citrine crystals and luxurious resin. 

Citrine’s vibrations bring wealth and prosperity, and helps us to understand how to attract it as well, it also encourages generosity and helps ensure we spend wisely. The large crystal quartz cluster will help with growth, learning and acceptance, as well as purifying your space of any negative energies or imbalances.


Price includes shipping within USA and Canada. 

Hermione - Growth & Good Fortune

  • Rectangle

    No Frame 

    Birch Wood 

    Size: 36’’ X 24’’ X 1’’

    Weight: 4.9 kg 

    Colours: Lux Gold. Emerald shades. White.  

    Crystals: Clear Quartz Points, Citrine.

    SCU - 036


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