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Hania - Spirit Warrior Fairy Elf


This enchanting Fairy sits just under 4 inches tall. She has long shimmery white hair with a pink tiara forest crown. She has two cute little pointy ears with pink Swarovski earrings. On her heart chakra she wears an aura portal stone surrounded by sparkling crystals. In her arms she holds a sacred fairy warrior Arrow highly detailed in green vines, pink flora and sparkling Swarovski crystals. In her other arms she holds an Angel Aura crystal heart. 


Connected to the angelic realm, Angel Aura helps us to discover divine knowledge and enjoy deep spiritual experiences. Angel aura assists us in connecting to our angels and spirit guides. A powerful stone for harmonizing our vibrations to a level that allows us to make contact with our angels. 


Hand made with all of my love.

Hania - Spirit Warrior Fairy Elf

No longer available
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