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Dragon Star Goddess Libelle 


This unique Dragon Goddess sits 3.5 inches tall. She has long baby blue hair with a Mint alabaster tiara crown. Her incredible wings are 4 inches wide and are purple and green in colour. 

They are purple semi translucent but when shifted they appear pale purple with tinges of yellow. Highlighted with rainbow sparkles, they are truly Magical. 


This Dragon Goddess has come to our planet earth in search of our green forests. You see the forest where she is from is not like ours… She will use the little plant she found here to grow her very own crystal stars. :) 


Her crystal star is a dark Amethyst crystal. 

Amethyst is an incredibly protective, healing, and purifying crystal. It helps us rid our minds of negative thoughts and brings forth humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom.


Hand made with all my love. 


Dragon Star Goddess Libelle

No longer available
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