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Cinderella Goddess and the Restored Dress


Behold, a one-of-a-kind handcrafted sculpture that reimagines Cinderella in a whimsical light, unlike any portrayal you've seen before. She's adorned in her iconic pink dress, the very one her mischievous step-sisters tore asunder. But fear not, with the enchanting help of her tiny mouse friends, her gown has been lovingly restored. The little mice hold her precious blue pearls, and the key to her room, the doorway to her destiny with the prince!


This enchanting piece is a tapestry of intricate details, from delicate threadwork to minuscule buttons, crafted with love and care. It's a unique embodiment of the magic that springs from adversity, perfect for whimsical souls who adore a fresh twist on classic tales.


This Sculpture is a one of a kind original artwork, hand made with all my love.

Cinderella Goddess and the Restored Dress

No longer available
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