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Cassiopeia - Aura Lights


In this enchanting crystal art painting, we find a tribute to the dawn of new beginnings and the boundless embrace of hope. Playful strokes of rainbow aura colours intertwine, gracefully dancing together, as they delicately reflect the shimmering light emanating from each aura crystal. Glowing sparks of golden radiance burst forth, igniting the canvas with an ethereal luminosity that captivates the soul.

At the heart of this mesmerizing tableau, a magnificent angel aura quartz cluster reigns supreme, casting an enchantment that transcends the ordinary. It stands as a beacon of magic, radiating an aura of wonder and possibility with every gentle caress of light. In its presence, one cannot help but be swept away by the sublime beauty of new beginnings and the promise of hope.


This Artwork is one of a kind. It is created with natural elements from the earth. Natural Quartz, white selenite and resin. It is set onto a 12 by 12 inch birchwood canvas. 


Artist : Gigi Manuela 

Cassiopeia - Aura Lights

No longer available
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