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Astraeus - Balance


This Crystal Art Painting is set on a 12 by 12 inch Luxurious Birchwood Canvas with a 2 inch thickness. The rich golds and sparkling bronze layers collide gracefully, submerging into a milky twilight hue of soft grey blues. In the centre a sparkling semi polished Agate Crystal takes the spotlight . With is soft layers split open to an extensive cluster of glittering crystallines touched by sparkling specs of black tourmaline. 


This Angelic Agate Crystal is a soothing and stress-relieving crystal, that helps us connect with the energy of the Earth by bringing harmony to our mind, body, and spirit. The soft vibrations that exude from this Crystal Agate recalibrate and realign our chakras. 


Price includes shipping within USA and Canada. 

Astraeus - Balance

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