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I want to show you my new piece Aphrodita  ðŸ’«ðŸ’œðŸ–¤ Her name was inspired to my by the Greek goddess of love. This a very large piece created on a 30x30 inch birch wood canvas. This piece was created to inspire truth and trust in the power of our energy and our true purpose. It’s focus is on the energy of the feminin spirit. Created to help empower and motivate. 

In her center we find a 10x10 inch Amethyst Agate slice, with her crystal points pointing inward, centered.. with many sparkling purple layers. 

It is believed that these concentric layers have the ability to bring to light the hidden truth and everything that is in the shadows and that does not allow us to move forward.

Price includes shipping within USA and Canada.

Aphrodita - Empowerment

  • Square


    No Frame


    Birch Wood


    Size: 30” X 30”




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