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Alice at 5 O’Clock 


Introducing our whimsical and enchanting "Wonderland Dreamer," a meticulously handcrafted goddess that sits at a charming 4 inches tall. Drawn from the pages of the classic tale, "Alice in Wonderland," she's here to infuse your world with a touch of whimsy.


This delightful goddess boasts long, flowing blond locks adorned with vibrant pink roses and a charming black bowtie, making her the epitome of Wonderland elegance. She wears a dazzling red Swarovski crystal heart necklace, a true symbol of her love for all things extraordinary.


And don't miss the magical teapot at her side. It's like something straight out of a dream, with the Cheshire Cat's face mysteriously peering through, and its purple tail gently wrapped around her. With intricate details of playing cards and enchanted mushrooms, you'll be transported to a world of fantastical adventures.


In her tender embrace, you'll find a ticking clock forever set at 5 o'clock. A nod to the whimsical world of Wonderland where time dances to its own beat. Accompanying her on this enchanting journey is her dearest friend, Lewis the caterpillar. Together, they invite you to collect this limited edition masterpiece, lovingly handcrafted and filled with whimsy.


In the words of the Cheshire Cat himself, "We're all mad here." Embrace the madness, the magic, and the wonder that this enchanting goddess brings to your world. Don't let this limited edition collector's item slip away; it's crafted with love and longing for adventure. Secure your place in Wonderland today!


This sculpture is a one of a kind original artwork, hand made with all my love.

Alice at 5 O’Clock

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