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11:11 Crystal Fairy Clock


This unique and one of a kind fairy clock measures 6 inches in height and 11 inches in length. Every inch of this creation was hand made with exceptional attention to detail. The clocks hands are set to 11:11 in a sparkling galaxy black with real Swarovski crystals in blue at the tips with a gold stud inserted in the middle. Behind the clocks hands is a very magical and shimmery blue base, surrounded by aura roses and sparkling silver rocks that are each hand inlayed one by one. Towards the bottom there is an Amethyst crystal set inside with two more Swarovski crystals in mystical blue. Along the top we have more Swarovski crystals with two aura teardrops and 3 purifying crystal quartz points standing upright. This fairy clock holds an incredible set of colour changing fairy wings, highly detailed in rhinestones and crystal dust. Contoured elegantly with different shades of teal and deep blue moss giving it a truly enchanting look.


This fairy clock was made with all of my love.


Please note: This clock does not operate. The time remains the same. 

Some of the moss may fall off during the shipping process although I will package it as best as I can.  Please unwrap with care. 


11:11 Crystal Fairy Clock

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