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This Sparkling Pink Crystal Witch sits very tall at 5.5 inches. She has long black flowy hair and wears a fabulous Pink Witch Hat covered in Swarovski Crystals. She is holding 2 pink Swarovski covered crescent moons that protect her beautiful Strawberry Quartz Crystal Scull. This incredibly rare and heavy (72 g) Strawberry Quartz crystal carries the energy of New birth Love. Attracting new love and a rebirth of one soul purpose. Strawberry quartz is frequently used in enhancing intuition. It helps awaken the subconscious mind, as well as broaden the horizons of the one who owns it. You can feel the rebirth of energy as you hold this incredible piece. 


The Strawberry Quartz Scull can be removed if you wish to carry it with you. 


Hand made with so much love. 

Strawberry Quartz Crystal Scull Witch

No longer available
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