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Libra Zodiac Crystal Goddess


This Zodiac Crystal Goddess sits 4 inches tall. She emits a bright and colourful aura as most Libras do. With purple hair detailed with a spirit animal, the butterfly.Libra is here to restore peace and harmony in the world, much like the symbolism of the butterfly, known by many as a sign to embrace peace, calm and joy in the present moment.


She has a Libra symbol in silver on her heart chakra. In her arms she keeps a Malachite Crystal Stone.

This radiant stone of empowerment and success, is one that gives courage to express emotions too. For a Libra, Malachite will help you ignite the energy of supreme love and forgiveness.


This Libra Zodiac Crystal Goddess is one of her kind, she is hand sculpted with all my love.

Libra Zodiac Crystal Goddess

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