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Earth Alien Pendant Collection


These beautiful hand made Earth Alien Pendants can be used as you wish. 


(Necklace, keychain, earrings etc) They each come with gold hoop to attach to whatever your heart desires.


Here is the description for each piece. 


-Blue sparkling skin Earth Alien with baby blue leaves, gold stones, blue Swarovski crystal and a blue Angelite crystal at the top. 


-Aura skin semi translucent Earth Alien with rose gold leaves, gold stones and pink Swarovski crystal.


-Gold Pink Skin Earth Alien with dark pink leaves, gold stones, pink Swarovski crystal and rose quartz crystal at the top.


-Gold Green Earth Alien with sparkling gold skin, dark green leaves, gold stones, emerald green Swarovski crystal and jasper crystal at the top.


-Sparkling Green Skin Earth Alien with light green leaves, gold stones, green Swarovski crystal and green aventurine crystal at the top. 


Hand made with love.

Earth Alien Pendant Collection

Blue Angelite Earth Alien
No longer available
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