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Crystal Donut Fairy Ornament


This lovely fairy sits 4 inches tall with a wing span of 6 inches. She has long glittering pink hair and wears aura Swarovski crystals along her leg and on her heart chakra. She has a set of sparkling aura fairy wings and is holding a beautiful flower agate crystal donut. 


Flower Agate is imbued with Divine Feminine Energy that nurtures our souls. As such, it fosters our progress, and pushes us toward our fullest potential on our journey. Known to activate, open, and heal the Heart and Root Chakras, Flower Agate opens us to inspiration, establishes inner peace, and fosters empathy.


This Crystal Donut Fairy is one of a kind and hand made with all my love.

Crystal Donut Fairy Ornament

No longer available
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