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Amandus - Positive Connections


Featuring luxurious art resin and precious Morganite Crystals, Amandus was created with the energy intention of love and growth. Its energy stones helps to attract and maintain love. Morganite crystals activate and cleanse the heart chakra, connecting to divine love.

They also attract the abundance of love into one's life and assists in maintaining that love as it continues to grow.


 Ideal for:

-People looking to create new positive connections.

-People who are seeking love.

-People who are working to create soulful relationships with others.

-People who need help balancing work and family.

-People who have had their heart broken through a relationship.

No longer available

No longer available
  • Rectangle

    No Frame (Foil Tape Edges) 


    Size: 10’’ X 10’’ X 1.5’’

    Weight: 0.70 kg 

    Colors: Teal, Gold, Rose gold, Copper. 

    SCU - 029

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